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Priced at $690 CDN + 13% sales tax


In contrast to our other (shorter) courses, this course is for car racing enthusiasts who are pumped to experience more than just the on track driving part of car racing and have more time to "hang out" for the summer of a lifetime! Most of the clients / participants of this course aren't taking it to have on their resume as part of their goal to get into the car racing industry, but rather are excited about having a summer of fun through the various aspects of open wheel formula car racing. While we believe all of our courses (from the single day to the multi-day to this longer course) are very well thought of around the motorsport industry in North America, we can't say any of our 18 courses are specifically designed nor are specifically recognized as any sort of training program for a specific placement within the industry (although we are aware some graduates of this course have gone on to work within car racing).

No previous experience necessary but you should be mechanically inclined, self motivated, enthusiastic and ready for a challenging season of racing experience! Please refer to the requirements section shown below for further details.

The one-time course fee is only $690 CDN + 13% sales tax and includes an Academy branded sportswear crew uniform + personalized motorsports photo package. Personal expenses will add about $700 CDN per month excluding apartment rent. Canadian Immigration Laws have special rules to assist with foreign applicants, click here to visit their web site.

2017 MRC3 Course Driving Curriculum

Participants starting at the beginning of the course will receive, on dates to be selected by the Academy:

  • Our 3-day Race License Course (Wheel-to-Wheel Racing) (possibly offered in sections)
  • 6 lapping practice sessions

Executive Summary

Short Name: MRC3
2017 Upgrades: Course duration, living expenses slashed by 1/7th!
New automotive field trips! (dependent upon your date selection)
Duration: 3 months
Full-time with course activities Mon-Fri + some weekends
Budget-friendly damage deposit requirement!
May 1st to July 31, 2017
August 1st to October 31, 2017
Requirements: Basic profieciency with a manual transmission.
Age: 18+ years old. 16 - 17 need parental consent.
Have our medical form completed by your doctor.
Fully conversant in English.
Over 6'4" / 275 lbs or have unusual body proportions? You may still fit. See fitment details
Bonus: Personalized motorsports photo package.
Academy branded sportswear package.
Price: $690 CDN + 13% sales tax, one-time course fee
Amenities: Professional facility
All safety equipment provided
Read about our MRC6: Adds 9 more lapping sessions!
Adds 4 practice races!
Adds year-end awards!

2017 MRC3 Course Description

Experience will be provided in both driving / racing and the mechanical aspects of open wheel formula cars. While no experience is necessary, you will certainly leave with an admirable level of experience. Whether you come for the driving or the mechanical activities, you'll leave with having enjoyed getting both!

Participants will benefit from training on most of the following subjects click here for expanded list: fasteners, suspension, brake systems, alignments, engines, gearboxes, drive lines, cooling systems, bodywork, aerodynamics, ignition systems, check lists, fabrication, wheels / tires, bearings, electrical, safety, customer service, steering, fuel systems, shift linkages, torches, welding & machining.

Make no mistake, racing requires a unique dedication and temperament. Similar to Pro Racing, this course not only requires that you successfully participate your way through the early season portion, but also prove your ability to retain your focus and performance when the season is coming to a close.

Similar to Pro Teams, the long hours of the course (usually parallel the functioning of the Academy's events) will be split between many hours of fairly basic tasks as part of a crew where frankly the challenge is maintaining focus / performance in the face of boredom, and the incredible excitement of getting to lap the cars yourself!

Also similar to the functioning of Pro teams is the opportunity for Top Achievers in our course to possibly be offered the ability to enjoy a higher level of training on the various systems and equipment we have in our shop as the season progresses. While everyone is encouraged to strive to reach this level of participation, only about half of the course participants are successful.

Course activities include but are not limited to:

  • Driving events as detailed below
  • Pit lane & corner flagging activities
  • Shop activities
  • Automotive oriented field trips

You will drive 2008 Van Diemen Formula cars

You will love driving our fleet of modern Van Diemen Formula cars! Everything from their incredible handling and acceleration to their amazing braking capabilities will entice you to want to push yourself and the car to greater heights each and every session. They’re a dream come true!

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Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Driver Development Centre

NEW STARTING IN 2014! Purpose-built training track designed from the ground up expressly for driver development. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park owners Carlo Fidani and Ron Fellows have totally revamped the Driver Development Centre! In contrast to our previous 1.7km track length, the new track offers two configurations of 2.2km (intermediate) and 2.9km (advanced).

See our satellite overlay photo, track map and more on our Canadian Tire Motorsport Park page.

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Expanded Subject List

Participants will benefit from training on most of the following subjects:

Fastners: Nuts, bolts, washers, cotter pins, circlips, rivets, torque, SAE, metric, locking, loctite, rivnuts, K-nuts, jam nuts, nylock nuts, shear & tension strengths, grades, structural, hitchpins, safety wire, helicoils Wheels & Tires: Removal, installation, balancing, width, size, air pressure, flatspot, bent wheels, mounting, dry & wet
Suspension: Springs, shocks, bushings, pushrods & bellcranks, wishbones, rod ends & sph. brgs. Bearings: Inspection, preparation, types, installation
Alignment: Castor, bumpsteer, ride height, rake, cornerweight, camber, toe Electrical: Wiring, connectors, heat shrink, batteries, starter, gauges, switches, short circuits, rev limiters, soldering
Safety: Personal, shop, customer, race car, flagging Engine: Valve train, basic operation, valve lash, camshaft, exhaust, porting, spark plugs, carburators, leak tests, camshaft timing, ignition timing, fuel mixture, reading plugs, detonation, compression ratio
Gearbox: Assembly, set-up, differential, gear ratios Customer Service: Fitment, safety, appearance, attitude, assistance, enthusiasm
Drive Line: Clutch, half shafts, CV joints Steering: Rack & pinion, column, wheel
Cooling Systems: Water pump, hoses, radiator, cooling, eng. circulation, rad caps, pressure test, temperature Fuel System: Fuel cell, lines, pump, filters, types, fueling
Oil System: Oil pump, pressure, hoses, fittings, cooling, eng. circulation Shift Linkage: Lever, linkage, hook joints, adjustment, bearings
Bodywork: Fiberglass techniques, air ducting, painting touch-ups, detailing Touch: Operation, use, safety
Aerodynamics: Wings, bodywork Welding: Oxyacetelene brazing, tig, mig
Ignition System: Distributor, points, dwell, ign. coil, adjusting wires, spark plugs, dist cap, rotor Machining: Lathe, mill, drill press, bandsaw
Check Lists: Organization, maintenance, record keeping Race Car: Assembly, prep, maintenance, chassis repairs, inspection
Fabrication: Templates, jigs, drilling, cutting, deburring, grinding, finishing, sandblasting Pit Lanes: Tire changes, car inspection, fueling, repairs, damage repairs

Course Requirements

Basic proficiency with a manual transmission. No previous experience necessary but you should be mechanically inclined, self motivated, enthusiastic and ready for a challenging season of racing training! Most people fit in our Formula cars, see fitment details.

18 to 39 yrs old (16 & 17 year olds may be admitted with parent or guardian consent).

All participants are responsible for race car and equipment damages similar to some of our other courses. The Academy requires a damage deposit of $1,000 CDN. This deposit, minus any outstanding amounts, is refunded after participants depart. Please note your vehicle damage responsibilities during driving days will range from $0 to $1,900 CDN. The Academy reserves the right to raise a mechanic's damage deposit for any reason it feels necessary. This damage deposit will also be used if a participant elects to stay in the apartments we arrange for any damages / charges owing to the apartment management company.

Yes, drivers are only responsible for a very small portion of the car's value, and another comforting piece of information is the data from our history of Mechanic / Racing Courses from 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016! After thousands of race car laps by participants, there were only 16 chargeable damages:

Highest damage bill: $1360
Next highest: $1037
Next highest: $618
The remaining 13 damage bills range between: $230 - $572

The public relations part of the course includes interacting with the school's other customers; therefore, a professional attitude, proper grooming and attire are required at all times. The Academy reserves the right to request tattoos be covered or body piercings / jewelry be removed at it's sole discretion.

All participants will be required to have their own tool set (a recommended list will be provided). Please allow a minimum of $500 CDN for a basic set.

You are responsible for your own accommodations, food, transportation and other personal expenses. Subject to availability, the Academy may assist you in finding an apartment centrally located in the city of Peterborough approx. 30 minutes from the track, with other participants (usually 3 participants to a 2-bedroom apartment) and loan you some furniture. You would then be responsible for the terms of the lease, including: first and last month's rent, monthly rent of approx. $370 CDN, written notice of your intent to vacate the apartment 60 days after the end of the current month, and any damages.

To finalize our acceptance procedure, we will require you to provide us with our medical form completed by your doctor.



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